Purvis Young


PURVIS YOUNG ART JOURNAL -  dating circa early 90's.

Purvis Young book of sketches. Sketches glued into a magazine
Sixteen drawings.
Measures: 8.5" X 11"  

A magazine of approximately 50 pages, with 16 drawings, doodles and paintings on most of   the surfaces, each signed by the artist. They are notebook pages that Purvis Young has creatively mounted onto existing pages of the magazine. The magazine features various black & white and color dance photographs. The 1988 dance magazine has info about a range of dance genres, performances, companies, and individual dancers from Merce Cunningham to the Joffrey Ballet. 
The magazine that Purvis Young chose to glue his many free formed gestural paintings on paper was probably not specifically chosen to have special significance as to the original imagery in the book. Often the books he used as his art journals were a random choice, that he found because it was the only book available. 

Condition: Front and back cover has wear; pages are as you see in photos. The binding is fragile and weathered as you can see from photos. From numerous reworking by Purvis Young with often newly added papers glued past the edge of original ones, the edges are not even: it has a typically folk art style with a unique charm to it.

This artist journal contains 16 drawings on paper, energetic abstract sketches each on a notebook sheet glued into the magazine. Doodle-like figures, swirls, and scribbles that suggest horses in movement and ships at sea. The book has many in his expressionist art style. One large 8 x 10 frontal portrait pen and ink with expressive eyes, signed Young at the top. One photo to right of a Purvis Young sketch is of the renowned ballerina Anna Pavlova performing her Dragonfly Ballet, in which she became famous. 

I have only photographed a few of the images but the sketch journal is filled with many more.

All of his years in the shabby, lively streets of Overtown, a black neighborhood on the margin of downtown Miami, with its opulent cluster of gleaming glass towers, created his unique Purvis style. It has a Basquiat gestural atmosphere with an aggressive expression.

Each would look handsome framed if you so dared to disassemble the book.

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