Mr. Imagination

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Although his given name is Gregory Warmack, he was known around the world as Mr. Imagination. The third of nine children, he was born in Chicago in March 1948. Creating art since he was a young boy growing up on the South Side of Chicago.
The incredible world of Mr. Imagination was "a work of art in progress." His talent was such that when he was handed an object, he saw in it things that the rest of us couldn't see. This extraordinary gift allowed Mr. Imagination to transform common material into resplendent objects of art with new life, vitality and meaning.


His work attained national and international recognition.  In September 2009, with the help of many friends, Mr. Imagination bought a home in the Atlanta area to fulfill a dream to create an Angel Garden for all the children and artists of the world to come together and bring artistic life to everything that has been thrown away and discarded.