Preacher Graffiti Artist

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Preacher’s art has been in numerous exhibitions and is in various collections and installations such as Memphis, Tennessee, November 2017 and at Renaissance Hotel (permanent display), Montgomery, Alabama.

PREACHER began working under this alias towards the end of 2016. Known mostly for his widespread wheat-pasting campaigns, Preacher resides and practices canvas based fine art in his hometown in Alabama. Most prolific in New Orleans, LA, the contemporary folk/street-artist incorporates many advertising themes and techniques into his public works. A visual dialogue is created in most of his works, drawing from themes of economics and commonly accompanied with aggressive sticker, moniker, and wheat pasting techniques. He states that his work is designed to "breathe power and self-being into the viewers."

His current self-exploration has mainly been composed of acrylic paint, usually limited to black and white. Aerosol, however, has been the backbone to his work for several years.