Mose T A to Z IBook

This interactive media has given a new very exciting edge for my folk art book on Mose. Now available on ITUNES, my Mose Tolliver book has been updated with very unique, innovative, interactive experiences that pique curiosity, spur discovery, and inspire. Available for download where each page comes to life. With this interactive addition, the artwork takes on the shape of an event.

Through the help of videographer and publisher, Gary St Martin, we have enhanced the experience of learning about Mose T's life and provided a sense of steering through his world, with active links to bring my Mose T book to another dimension (music, audio interviews, videos, slideshows, pop up windows, etc). It has links to John Beardsley's recent talk on the Corcoran, artists from the show like a video I made on Son Thomas, Jimmie Sudduth wailing on the harmonica, and Mose from early videos I took in his home in 1980, and lots more.
It’s extraordinary and we hope readers will agree.

Here is the link to view " Mose T A to Z " Ibook in Itunes....