Art by outsider artist Purvis Young featured on new David Byrne album

“Yellow Abstract - The Journey Home”, painting on found object wooden table top by outsider artist Purvis Young. This painting is predominantly yellow ochres and muted green of an ocean landscape scene with abstract figures. On the back of a the piece, it says: Title ”The Journey Home” purchased direct from the artist. It portrays “spirits bringing a wanderer by ship through a fiery sea to his final home”. I purchased this painting circa 2002 from a dealer in folk art

Purvis Young was born on February 4, 1943 in Liberty City, Miami, FL. Currently Resides: Overtown, Miami, FL. He was first discovered by the art community in 1972 when he painted a series of murals on a row of abandoned buildings called "Good Bread Alley" in the economically depressed section of Miami known as Overtown.

His work is in some ways like a Pollock. Although Purvis was untutored his art has a sophisticated style and at the same time emotional fury, with a look of contemporary sophistication. His doodle-like symbols recall similarly repeated swirls and scribbles found in contemporary expressionist art, as well as in cultural practices found in isolated areas such as art of the Aborigines in Australia.

Purvis Young’s art, which over the years has gained international acclaim, has come into focus recently when David Byrne, on his first album in ten years “American Utopia", featured on its cover Young's art.

Byrne said that he chose Purvis Young’s art because of his "visual meditations are based upon the plight of the underprivileged, racism in America, urban strife and African-American experiences in the South". David Byrne’s worldwide tour promoting his new album takes him to New Orleans Jazz Festival on April 29, 2018.