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Saturno Press - Located in Montgomery, Alabama, Saturno Press is an independent press specializing in eclectic publications about the deep south. Our press focuses on Folk Artists -- Outsider Artists who create because the spirit moves them. Their self-taught craft is raw. Their pure impulse to create is powerful and original.

NarrowLarry.Com  - Narrow Larry's World of the Outstanding (explorations into the undisney). A very narrow guide to travel, great architecture, and visionary art with links to folk art environments in the united states.

Bill Swislow's Outsider Pages features one the most exhaustive collections of links to other Outsider websites. Also check out Swislow's Interesting Ideas, another helpful resource.

Raw Vision Magazine The international journal of visionary and intuitive art. Sample articles from their beautifully produced magazine.




American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore "creates a place where the best of self-taught, intuitive contributions of all kinds will be duly recognized, explored, and then championed in a clear strong voice."

Folk Art Society of America is a non-profit organization which advocates the discovery, study, documentation, preservation and exhibition of folk art, folk artists and folk art environments.

The Museum of American Folk Art: New York Museum near Lincoln Center dedicated to exploring the diversity of American culture as expressed through folk art. Definitely worth a visit.

The Museum of International Folk Art: A Santa Fe Museum with a more European flavor.

San Angel Folk Art Gallery: Great site featuring southwestern folk art and other eclectic pieces.

Art Channel: Extensive site of art links, from folk art to contemporary ton classicism.

Alabama State Council on the Arts: Excellent resource for anything related to arts happenings in Alabama. Articles and links to galleries and artists.

Southern Heart Gallery: Great assortment of Southern folk art and original works by Barbara Thibodeaux.

Beverly Kaye Gallery: Features folk art and outsider art.



Howard Finster

Nall: Great site featuring wonderful original works by Nall as well as a feature exhibit on Alabama.



A visit to Vollis Simpson's windmill masterpiece.



American Folklife Center at the at the Library of Congress. Provides collections, programs, and services that support folklife research in all fifty states.

The-Artists.Org: Major modern & contemporary visual artists. Each artist with portrait, brief biography, links to articles, essays and interviews; original art, limited edition artprints, photography and posters, multimedia and artist's books.

Art Discover: Art Discover is a place dedicated to art lovers and emerging contemporary artists. An internet gallery featuring New Orleans and Gulf Coast artists. Original paintings, prints and fine art photography.

Yall - the Magazine of Southern People: A great online magazine.



new orleans taffy
 New Orleans is different from any other   Southern city or any other place in the world.   It has a particular charm -- the French   Quarter  -- its quaintness, peeling paint,   pungent smells of chicory, urine, and jasmine,   and a balmy climate that slows you down a   bit. New Orleans is known for its eclectic   music, giant oak trees, spanish moss, tropical   palms, chartreuse banana trees and succulent crawfish and etoufee. Here are a few places   that I think are worth a visit!


Local Tours

new orleans swamp tour

 SWAMP TOURS - There are a few tours   that take you to see huge alligators and   cypress swamps -- only twenty minutes   from N.O. I like to take visitors to New   Orleans on a swamp tour -- a little hot   and buggy, but fun. The smaller tours are   best!





UPPERLINE -- Gourmet creative with Willie White paintings on the walls everywhere (the owner was an early collector off his work) and try the southern fried green tomatoes. Where to eat? The restaurant I like best is the age-old COMMANDER'S PALACE -- known for their bread pudding, strawberry shortcake, and other Creole delicacies. It has a great Sunday Jazz Brunch! They are my neighbors, so I can smell their cooking all day!

THE CAMELLIA GRILL on Carrolton has a old fashioned grill atmosphere and a filling traditional breakfast and good BLTs.

THE NAPOLEAN HOUSE in the French Quarter with its nicotine stained walls was intended as an American home for Napoleon, but he never got to enjoy their tasty dirty Martinis (that's with olive juice), Sazeracs (never easy to find) and zesty Caesar Salad.



GO TO THE ROCK N BOWL - Listen to get down blues and zydeco while you bowl at same time!

SNAKE AND JAKE CHRISTMAS CLUB LOUNGE - A tiny tool shed sized bar where the local musicians hang out after hours! (I was there a couple of years ago and there were two naked young women at the bar having drinks and no one even cared! Its door is decorated with ancient half burned out Christmas Tree lights!

THE PARASOL BAR - in Uptown New Orleans is funky and a little shabby, but with the best dressed oyster po-boy's in town -- a colorful local hangout. It's in the Irish Channel -- edge of the Garden District, and on St. Patrick's Day, the crowd there is denser than the barometric pressure... and that's dense!

the saturn bar new orleansTHE SATURN BAR - A "far-out" and obscure little neighborhood bar with visionary art on the walls. Don't miss this one if you crave a unusually weird experience!

CAFE DU MONDE -- For the best coffee and beignets in the French Quarter. Walk through nearby Jackson Square.

THE MAPLE LEAF BAR - Foot-stompin' good nite spot for music where music genius James Booker used to play while you did your laundry.

THE CIRCLE BAR -  OFF ST CHARLES ST - The place where Hank Williams the third played, with folks standing in the bushes to hear him wail at rocket speed, "Ain't Nobody's Business".