L.W. Crawford

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Outsider artist L.W. Crawford is from Montgomery, Alabama. He is known for his glitter crosses made from matchboxes and matchsticks, covered with glitter. 
He is the son in law of famous folk artist Mose Tolliver, who encouraged him to make art. His work is in collections of: House Of Blues, American Folk Art Museum in New York, Birmingham Sloss Furnaces, Orlando, Chicago, Los Angeles and Myron Shure (Strombecker Toy Executive). In addition to his many years in the toy business, Shure had amassed a collection of so-called "Outsider Art" and served as director of Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art near Chicago. He was included in the exhibition "Outsider Artists in Alabama".

He learned how to make his glitter crosses while serving a prison term. Each piece is signed on the back.