Anton Haardt

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Anton Haardt is an Alabama Artist. With Haardt's quickly splashes of paint swirls and wildly eclectic collage, she utilizes found objects, scraps of old wallpaper, photographs to create richly layered pentimento's gestural and immediate. Diverse influences of tropical, South America and the deep south of Alabama combine Anton Haardt's own formal training at The San Francisco Art Institute in a unique blend of innocence and sophistication, the surreal and the mundane, intricate patterns and striking irregularities. She is Montgomery born but rarely is in her home town except for quick visits. Haardt uses many mediums: ordinary brown Kraft paper and patterned against vintage wallpaper and ivory stained collage papers, a signature in her materials repertoire. James R. Nelson, Birmingham art critic said of Haardts work:..".a sense of private spectacle and public ritual. Haardt's work displays a disciplined imagination and a technical skill of considerable sophistication creating appeal associated with piqued curiosity. Haardt's 20 years of living part-time in Yelapa, Mexico have exposed her to unique Mexican artists like Alexandro Collunga and contemporary artist David Mecalco. At the same time, her roots inMontgomery have exposed her to artists like Tom Moore, Charles Shannon and her long time friend, Nall, whom she has known since he was a weejun and madras fraternity guy. Haardt reiterates that she is not a folk artist -- she may be somewhat of an outsider in her life style, but her art has the sophistication of her BFA training at San Francisco Art Institute. To view more of her art you can visit her website by clicking here.