Buddy Snipes

buddy snipes

Folk artist Buddy Snipes was born in Macon County, Alabama on October 30, 1943. As a child, he used to make his own toys out of anything he could find. His school years were short and soon he took on odd jobs as a dishwasher, farm-hand, day laborer. He soon realized that he was good at fixing things and so he began repairing to earn a living.

That’s when he started to make objects from found objects: Roots, old cans, mirrors, tin…just about anything he could find.

“I sees something,” says Buddy, “and it just comes to me, and I goes and makes it.”

Anton Haardt says, "His artist friend Butch Anthony introduced me to Buddy Snipes' work in the late 1990’s, along with fellow artist John Henry Toney. They started making folk art together. They exhibited at Slotin Folk Festival and soon they began to notice people were making long trips to see their art."

“People were coming’ by here, buyin’ art and stuff," Anthony said. "Hell, I’ll fix this old barn up and make a little tour." Butch Anthony started his own museum and a New York Times reporter featured Anthony and the museum in a 2010 article. 

Buddy Snipes Art can be found at numerous galleries.

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