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Sketchbook Journal --Ballerinas

Artist:Purvis Young

Cat #   PY  181

Size:   8 1/2 x 11   Inches 

 Sketchbook of drawings SIGNED Approximately 50   pages, with   16  drawings, doodles  and   paintings on most  of   the surfaces. Many of the pages are signed by the artist.  They are notebook pages  that Purvis Young  has   creatively  mounted onto  existing pages of  the   Magazine .The magazine features various black and white and color dance  photographs, The 1988  Dance Magazine has info about a range of   dance genres performances,  companies  and individual  dancers  from Merce Cunningham  to Joffrey Balley.


Condition:   Front and Back cover has wear;as you see in Photos.The binding is fragile and weathered From numerous    reworking by Purvis Young with often   newly added   papers   glued    past the edge of original ones, the edges are not even:  it has a  typically folk art style with a   unique charm to it.

To right of a Purvis  Young sketch is of the renowned ballerina Anna Pavlova performing her Dragonfly Ballet.

            I have only photographed a few of the images but the Sketch Journal is filled with many more.

Each would look handsome framed if you so dared to disassemble the book

Here are some of the images from the  Journal:

#1   page 8-9  Figurative sketch signed by Yonng on left    and on  right Mikhail Baryshnikov ,respected ballet dancer in the Soviet Union during the 1960s,

 #2    page 10- 11 Figurative sketch signed by Yonng on left    and on  right the   full color phtoto of couple of ballet dancer,s.. Ethan Brown and Katheen moore in "The Leaves they are fading' by  Anthony Tudor. Brown joined ABT as a member of the corps de ballet in 1981, and was promoted to soloist in 1988. He danced in many of Antony Tudor’s ballets: \



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