SOLD - Son Ford Thomas


COFFIN: Life Size Coffin by Son Thomas * SOLD*

Figure: Unfired clay, artificial hair, aluminum foil, beads, glass marbles, paint.

76" x 22" x 24" 

Thomas worked as a grave digger and assisted with embalming in a funeral home. This work led him to a series of sculptures with skulls and coffins. This life-size fiberboard coffin is one of his most ambitious creation with a life size human figure. The wood coffin is painted grey. The corpse is in a plaid dressed and has a curly wig and costume jewelry, Mardi Gras beads. Her hands are made of clay and are folded across her stomach. Her face is painted on clay. Her earrings are round aluminum foil. She is lying nestled in satin stapled to the sides of the coffin. 

Anton Haardt bought this life size coffin from Son when she visited him in Yazoo, circa 1992. She loaded it into the back of her van and travelled across the Southlands back to Alabama.

Haardt purchased most of the Son Thomas Collection directly through Son Thomas.   


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