Horse - Howard Finster



Finster’s work has its own tractor-enamel shine, often with bible messages such as on this horse:
“Be numbered and walk into the light of the Lord. Restful souls…..."
It wasn’t uncommon to happen upon Finster in his studio after he’d been up for three days, spooning instant coffee out of a jar and frantically creating.
I purchased most of my Finster collection direct from Howard.Finster. He numbered all of his works on the back of each Painting, and this is an early one.
This is a  large cut out in multi-colors.
Painted July 4, 1988  7000962 works
Size 22 1/2 x  19 1/2
Condition: Good for its age. There was a previous mend on the back of this cut-out by the tail, but it is minor and not noticeable from the front.

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