SOLD - Howard Finster



Vintage Harley Davidson Custom Painted Gas Fuel Tank and Fender

Two Pieces

An ultimate conversation piece - rare - one of a kind, purchased in 2001.

Tank:  Approximately 13" x 10" x 8”

Fender: Approximately 16”  x 5"

Signed by Howard Finster - April 19, 1992


Painted with multiple angels and stars on the fender and one larger angel on the gas tank. In the mid -1970's, Howard saw a human face in his own fingerprint. The face spoke and told him to paint sacred art. At the age of 61 and without any artistic training, he began to paint toward his initial goal of 5,000 works of art. Finster produced some 48,000 works before his death, October 22nd, 2001. 

Condition: Good condition for its age. Some minor dings.

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