Log Cabin Sculpture - Bob Murray


Log Cabin Sculpture  

17 x 12 x 14   

Alabama Outsider Bob Murphy

Bob Murray was a hobo, a homeless man when I met him years ago in the 1980's in a small country town near Wetumpka, Alabama. He had no money. He had a wife and a couple of dirty faced kids, and no place to call home. 

Since I had a collection of Folk Art, I took an interest in his work and he told me that he made constructions and carved things. He started calling me to go by his shack where he was staying. I bought a few of his pieces. I have only about 5 of his pieces and this is one of them. He often burned into the wood to create lines as well as carving. I have a rustic table he made from a big cable spool, and a few Cypress stump paintings. On my Ebay Shop I have two other Murray prices listed.


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