L.W. Crawford

Folk Outsider Artist  L.W.Crawford, is Mose Tollivers son-in-law L.W. and  during a eight year prison term, began to make art, assembling and glueing hundreds of burned matchsticks onto constructions in the shape of crosses of all sizes and colors, then adding glitter. He attributes his influence on Mose to begin painting.L.W. Crawford: "You know, really I'm the first one that got Mose started in painting. Back in 1962 when I went to jail, I made those glitter match crosses in the prison. You know, when you're in jail there's not much else to do but smoke, so you get lots of burned match sticks. After I got out of prison, we used to live with Mose back then. After his work at the furniture company, we "moonlighted" as plumbers. Mose would see my art around my room. That's how he got inspired to make his paintings."